SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster/Event Admin

  1. On your TU site in the side menu, click Team Admin > Website Design.
  2. Click Website Layout Configuration.
  3. Scroll down to Template Controls.
  4. In the Facebook URL field, paste or type the URL of your team's Facebook page.
    Template Controls
  5. Click Save Changes. A Facebook button will appear under the side menu.

OR use the Partners area

  1. Go to the Facebook Brand Resource Center.
  2. Download the Online MEDIA TYPE and unzip the file.
  3. Go to your TU site and login if needed.
  4. In the side menu, click Team Admin > Website Design.
  5. Click the Partners tab.
  6. Click Add New.
  7. Fill in the data, including your team's Facebook URL in the Partner Website URL (optional) field.
    Team Partner Edit
  8. For Upload Partner Logo, select the FB-f-Logo__blue_114.png inside the png folder.
  9. Click Save Changes. The Facebook logo will appear in the Partners area of your home page or side menu.

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