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SwimOffice Pro customers have a fantastic built-in tool available called TeamFeed that not only has a feed similar to Twitter, but also lets you post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all at once! Click the banner below to learn more, and then read how to set up TeamFeed.

TeamFeed Social Sharing Tools

If you still want to add a Twitter feed to your website, follow these steps. (New CMS users can also add a Twitter feed.)

Step 1: Generate Twitter feed code

  1. Navigate to https://publish.twitter.com/.
  2. Enter your Twitter feed URL in the field and press Enter.
    Twitter feed URL field
  3. Click Embedded Timeline.
    Twitter display options
  4. You will see what the feed looks like. If you want, click set customization options, enter your adjustments and click Update.
  5. Click Copy Code.
    Twitter feed code

Step 2: Embed code in SwimOffice

  1. Sign In to your SwimOffice website if needed.
  2. If you want to put it on your home page,
    1. Click Edit in the Main Text area on the home page.
    2. Paste the code you copied from the Twitter site into the box where you want the feed to appear.
      Main Text field
    3. Click Save Changes.
  3. If you want to put the feed on some other page,
    1. Go to the desired page.
    2. Click the Edit link.
    3. Click the Source button.
    4. Paste the code you copied from the Twitter site into the editor where you want the feed to appear.
      Content editor in Source view
    5. Click Save Changes.

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