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If an account is carrying a balance and you need to refund the balance please follow these steps for accurate financial reporting. If this is a refund for a past CC charge click HERE.

NOTE - This is a two step process!

A scenario for this action: An account has been invoiced for March Dues and they have paid for these dues but they then decide to leave the team or not swim for March. The team has already received these monies into their account and now the account would like to be refunded actual monies as opposed to having a credit on their account.

Step 1:

  1. Go to Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments
  2. Search for the account
  3. Click view in the Acct Balance column
  4. On the next screen click New Credit
  5. (Alternatively to steps 3-4, select an account and click the New Credit button)
  6. Fill in the "Credit Description" field (could be "not swimming in March")
  7. Select a CoA -- Best practice is to select the same CoA the invoice was first created against
  8. Enter in a negative dollar amount
  9. Click Save Credit
Step 2:
  1. Click New Refund Credit Balance (if you are still on the Billing Overview screen you will need to first click view in the Acct Balance column)
  2. Click the "Payment Type" drop-down and select -Refund-
  3. Fill in the "New Refund Amount" (use a negative dollar amount since you will be reducing your monies)
  4. Enter the Check #  (this would be the check # from your payables system
  5. Enter any necessary message or memo
  6. Click Save New Refund

NOTE: You can issue a refund within 180-days of the transaction.

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