SwimOffice Admin - TouchPad PC Admin (to obtain link), Not an Admin (to view)

Anyone can access TouchPad Live meet results in a browser on any device. In TouchPad, below the Meet Name you will see:
Your TouchPad Live Link is http://www.touchpadlive.com/xxxx

Click the link and it will open it in a browser. Hover over the question mark for more information as seen above.

Email the link to all meet participants or announce it at the meet and let them know they can view meet results as they happen. They don't need to login or even have an account.

To make this to happen you will need to frequently sync results on the Enter Results screen, preferably after entering results for each event. We recommend checking the Only Sync this Event check box to speed up syncing each time. Just click the red SYNC NOW button for each set of results you enter and it will sync all results added and changed since the last sync. Those viewing results on touchpadlive.com will see all updates as you sync them.

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