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If you have not started the meet, there are three ways you can scratch athletes—by event (on Scratch Pad by EVENT) and by athlete (on Athlete Entries and Scratch Pad by ATHLETE). See Scratch athlete(s) during meet if the meet is already in progress.

Scratch on Athlete Entries

  1. Click Athlete Entries menu.
  2. Navigate to desired athlete.
  3. Click the SCR checkbox in the desired event(s), or click Scratch All button.

Scratch on Athlete Entries

Scratch by name or event on Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad by Athlete
  1. Click Seed menu.
  2. Click Scratch Pad by EVENT or Scratch Pad by ATHLETE.
  3. Various filters are on the left, such as by Session and Team (screen shot on left is from Scratch Pad by ATHLETE).
  4. You can change the sort order in the Presentation Order section.
  5. When scratching by event, use the Event drop down or the Previous/Next buttons to select your desired event.
  6. When scratching by athlete,
    • Filter by Individuals/Relay and Gender.
    • If you use any of the Age/Last Name filters (open events, age, last name), click Search after making a selection, and click Clear to start over.
  7. Once you have narrowed the list, click a check box in the SCR column by any athlete you wish to scratch.
    Scratch Pad columns

  8. Click Exit when finished.
  9. If you want to switch from scratching by athlete to by event or vice versa, click Scratch Pad By ATHLETE or EVENT at the bottom.

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