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After running a sanctioned, approved or observed USA Swimming meet (i.e., the Meet Type is High School/College or YMCA), when you sync the results to SwimOffice it will only include results for registered USA Swimming athletes. Results achieved by Not USA Registered athletes will not be included. This is so that meet results will only include times that can be used for seed times in future USA Swimming sanctioned, approved or observed meets. This is true for all the participating TU teams when you officially release the results.

If you want to have a separate set of results with results only for the Not USA Registered athletes, you need to manually export the results file (File > Export SD3 Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS) and select Not USA Registered Athletes Only.

Or select All if you want the results file to include results for both registered and not registered USA athletes. Then import those results manually into SwimOffice and email them to other TU teams who might want them.

You will presumably want to use the Set Meet Type function in SwimOffice to designate the USA and non-USA results.

Results synced for Age Group meets will include results for all athletes, both registered and not registered.

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