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There are times you want to flag an athlete as Not USA Registered in TouchPad, or to switch them from not registered to registered.

  1. Click Athlete Entries tab.
  2. Select desired athlete from drop down at bottom, or using Previous/Next buttons.
  3. Check or uncheck the Not USA Registered check box.
  4. Verify you want to save the changes.


  • This only applies to High School/College and YMCA meets.
  • Athletes imported from SD3 files in Entry Manager are marked registered if they have an ID, and not registered if their ID is blank.
  • Athletes synced from TU SwimOffice are automatically marked as registered or not registered based on the same "Not USA Registered" setting in their member profile in Account/Member Admin.
  • If you manually change the setting for SwimOffice athletes, TouchPad will actually create a duplicate athlete with a hidden fake ID for Not USA Registered athletes and the actual ID for USA Registered athletes. The same entry times will be used for the duplicate athlete. The original athlete will be hidden. Warning: If you do this and the athlete's team makes further changes to entries in SwimOffice for this athlete and syncs again, you may end up with duplicate athletes, with the new athlete only having the entries and the one you changed having none. You may not see some of the changes. We strongly recommend changing the "Not USA Registered" status in the athlete's profile in SwimOffice instead, then syncing again.

USA Registered athlete in TouchPad.

Not USA Registered athlete in TouchPad. Note blank ID.

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