TouchPad/TeamManager Admins

When you export results from TouchPad 
  1. File > Export SD3 Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS

And you distribute to TeamManager (tm) users and they import
  1. File
  2. Import > Results
  3. Select the import Criteria with the first criteria as checked 'Overlay Duplicate Results' and 'Add New Teams/Athletes'
  4. The Import Statistics Show Records Checked for teams and Records Processed as double the teams.   THIS IS VISUAL ONLY
  1. There is a Fix is you would like this to not cause any confusion (Please read below)

  1. File > Export SD3 Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS
  2. Select 'Exclude C2 (Coach Line)
  3. Export Data and Distribute File to TM. No visual issues

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