CRITICAL TO FOLLOW THESE STEPS!  If you do not, SwimOffice and TouchPad will lose the sync with the athlete

If entries are still OPEN

  1. Login to your SwimOffice website
  2. Go to Account Member Admin > Members Tab
  3. Find the Athlete and select their name to go into their profile
  4. Update their USA ID# to the correct number
  5. Use the merge ID link to merge their old USA# and times to their new, correct USA ID#

  6. Go to your Event Entries on your SwimOffice Site
  7. Committed Athlete Tab
  8. Locate the updated athlete
  9. Un-commit them from their events and re-commit them (this will now adjust the file to sync to TouchPad)
  10. Sync back to TouchPad
TouchPad - Once you synced from SwimOffice
  1. Event Entries
  2. Search for the athlete
  3. Delete the duplicate athlete with the incorrect ID
If Entries are CLOSED

  1. Update the ID# in Event Entries
  2. Run the meet
  3. Sync the results back to SwimOffice
SwimOffice - Fix the athlete and attach the times
  1. Account Member Admin
  2. Members Tab
  3. Find the athlete
  4. Select their name
  5. Update their USA ID#
  6. Select the Merge ID
  7. Enter in their new/old ID# and merge