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Click to download the TouchPad Live FAQ.

! This will not show any meets currently running on different software including HyTek's Meet Manager™. If you are interested in obtaining TeamUnify's meet management software, TouchPad, please contact info@teamunify.com. It's free for all TeamUnify teams.

TouchPad meets are synced directly to SwimOffice sites for live results on meet day. To turn on:

Global setting (all meets will show)
  1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Website Design.
  2. Click Website Layout Configuration.
  3. Scroll down to Template Controls.
  4. Set "Show TouchPad Live" to Yes or No.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Meet by Meet Setting (hide & show)

  1. Go to Events tab.
  2. Click TouchPad Meet Admin tab.
  3. Select those meets to hide and click Hide. To show again select those meets and click Show.
To View Results
  1. Click TouchPad LIVE badge.
  2. Set filters if desired and deselect "Limit to my team" if you would like to see all TouchPad meets being run for the date range selected.

  3. Select the meet you would like to see full live results for. The following summary screen will show a new ribbon bar.

Results tab

1 - Results Tab is selected to bring up below information
2 - Use your filters to narrow down your search
3 - Select to include upcoming events as well as finished events
4 - Select the +/- to open/collapse the event information
5 - Global event information including if it's finished, what session and day
6 - All swimmer information will be included including H/L, entered & final time, Pts (if awarded) and if they met a standard
7 - Watch List. Select any athletes within the results area to add to your watch list tab.  This tab will only show you the teams/athletes that you have chosen to watch.

Team Scores tab

1 - Lists your teams competing including points, total swimmers entered and events entered.
3 - Allows you to add a team to your watch list.

Watch List tab

1 - Watch List # of teams & swimmers being watched
2 - Team being watched including corresponding information
3 - Select Add Teams or Add Swimmers to give you a pop out box for further selection (or to deselect)
4 - Swimmer name and all swimmer information for that event.
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