SwimOffice Admin: Super User

TeamUnify's powerful meet management software, TouchPad, gives a meet host the ability to automatically create the entire meet for you on your site and invite you to participate. What you need to know:

  1. When visiting teams are invited, the meet will show up on your site with green "Accept" and red "Decline" buttons. Only a Super User can see the meet and accept or decline. The TouchPad icon is your clue.
  2. If you click "Decline" the meet will disappear from your site
  3. If you click "Accept" the meet will appear to everyone as though you created the event yourself (see below if you accidentally clicked this and actually want to decline)
  4. You will do your entries the same as you have always done on SwimOffice
  5. Once you have approved your entries you will sync these to TouchPad instead of sending your entries file
  6. When the meet is done, the host will sync the official results back to your site

Note the whole process is file-less! No importing an EV3 file, exporting and emailing the SD3 entry file, nor downloading the CL2 results file and importing it into SwimOffice. The whole process happens seamlessly behind the scenes.

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