SwimOffice Admin - TouchPad PC

This function will allow multiple computers to time separate events and merge the results to the ‘main computer’. To use this function do the following:

On TouchPad

  1. The main computer needs to export a Backup of the current meet with entries and seeded (File > Backup)
  2. Distribute the backup to all computer operators that will be timing
  3. Time your events - Go to Enter Results
  4. Time your race
  5. Insert a jump drive into your computer to save results
  6. Select the button, ‘Export for Merge’ on the enter results screen
  7. Enter your start and ending event number(s)
  8. Select the subgroup option
  9. Select OK
  10. Save to your jumpdrive - give this to main computer operator
  11. On the main computer / TouchPad
  12. File > Merge data from this meet
  13. Select the jumpdrive and file name of saved results
  14. Select OK > Yes

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