SwimOffice - N/A


  1. Release your results file to all teams that are not on the TeamUnify platform.
  2. Go to File > Export SD3 Meet Results/Entries/SWIMS
  3. Confirm the selections are correct.  All fields should propagate correctly but double check for accuracy.
  4. Double check that your splits selected are correct and that the correct checkmarks are next to the following
    1. Export all Events (default selection is checked)
    2. Export ONLY OVC swims (this does not need to be checked unless you have designated some athletes in scratch pad as OVC swimmers and others not..otherwise the default is to generate all athletes and all events if it's unchecked)
    3. Export ONE team - this will generate results only for the selected team
    4. USA Verification/Results File (SWIMS) - place a check mark if this is for SWIMS
  5. Select Export Data to export a zipped results file.  Send the zip to all non TeamUnify teams for import into their team manager software