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Definition of Multi Age Event: Multi age events are events in which multiple age groups compete in the same event but results, awards and scores are needed for each group within the single event.


  1. Click Events
  2. Make your selection, left to right, for your event
  3. Click ADD/CHANGE Active Event #x
  4. Reselect that event by clicking on it
  5. Click Create/Edit Multi-Age Event
  6. Enter the low age and high age for each multi age event for instance if the event is 13& over you may do the following:
    1. #1A Low = 13 : High = 14
    2. #1B Low = 15 : High = 16
    3. #1C Low = 17 : High = 109 (last event must end with 109)
  7. Once you have created a multi age event you can use the event # as a template for all successive multi age events that have the same event parameters for instance 13 & over.
    1. Place the event # in the box labeled "Make these sub age groups the same as those used in event # 'X'" located at the bottom of the multi age screen (see arrow below in screenshot)
  8. Once you are finished, click OK

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