SwimOffice Admin Level - TouchPad Admin


  1. Events
  2. Event Time Standards (time standards are used to restrict entries for each event)
  3. You will see a list of your events on the left (see screenshot #1)
  4. Select Add a New Standard 
  5. Time standards are used to filter meet entries so that only those faster than or slower than to a particular standard will be permitted to enter a particular event. These will be enforced on SwimOffice (ensure you have selected enforce time standards in the meet setup). (see screenshot #2)
  6. Enter in a standard name 
  7. Select <= (slower than or equal to) or >= (faster than or equal to) or < (slower than) or (> faster than) 
  8. Select Add
  9. Enter in your time standards. You do not need designators they will automatically update as you enter into each cell.
  10. Select the column standard name and edit a standard or delete a standard to apply
  11. Select print to print your standards
  12. Exit to save
Screenshot #1 - Add a standard

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