SwimOffice Admin Level: Email/Print/Calendar or TouchPad PC Admin

Why can’t I see any times for my athletes in a TouchPad meet?
  1. On TouchPad confirm the following:
    1. Did you ensure on File > Meet setup your use date is appropriate for your meet? Remember if it's today, there will be no times available. We suggest 1/1/1970 to ensure all historical times will be seen.
    2. Once you set this, remember to sync going File > Sync with SwimOffice.  This will update all TeamUnify meets with the new date. Please notify administrators.
  2. On SwimOffice please follow these steps:
    1. If you have already entered athletes on SwimOffice you will need to use the  Update Best Times Button so the system goes back to the database and finds those times based on that date range.
    2. Go to your event
    3. Edit commitment
    4. Committed athletes tab
    5. Select update best times

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