SwimOffice Admin - SuperUser

To search by accounts only, there are account filters that will refine your information. They are:

  1. Name
  2. Account Status
  3. Balance
  4. Pay By

Select your filters above and hit Search to apply. These filters are all attached to the information that can be found in the Account.

There are also Member filters to refine your search making it more granular than above. These filters are:

  1. Billing Group
  2. Roster Group
  3. Location
  4. Member Status

Here are some scenarios to help you understand the filter set.

If you need to find all Active Accounts that have at least one Canceled/Hidden Member in the Billing Group Dolphin do the following:

If you need to find the invoices for all Active Accounts with at least one Active member in the Billing Group Blue Elite use the following:

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