SwimOffice Admin Level: Super User & TouchPad Admin

If you would like to synch your meet(s) structure from TouchPad to your SwimOffice site (and all competing TeamUnify teams) and edit/add any information follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into TouchPad
  2. Create your meet structure
  3. Click the Synch Now button found under the File menu
  4. Go to your site and you should see your synched meet under your events tab
  5. Click the Accept/Decline button. This will bring you into the meet edit information
  6. Make any updates to the information for your meet
  7. Step #8 notice the two tabs. Fill in for your team and for visiting teams appropriately.
  8. This information will populate on your visiting teams event when they accept the invitation. Once they accept, they can edit the information in their editor.
  9. Ensure you populate the email address and name of meet director for the invite email functionality at the bottom of the event edit
  10. Click Save Changes

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