British Swimming has a tool to compare entrants in a competition with the British Swimming database and check if they belong to a club. This ensures they will be accepted into the rankings database. To facilitate this, TouchPad allows you to generate a file to upload to

  1. Click the Meet Reports menu.
  2. Select the UK Competition Entry Check radio button on the left.
  3. Click Print/Preview to generate the file.
  4. Navigate to when you want to save the file and click Save.
  5. In the UK Competition Entry Report box on the right, click the second sentence to launch the Competition Entry Check page in your default browser. (Or, as it says, right click it to copy the URL so you can paste it in the browser of your choice.)
    UK Competition Entry Report
  6. Click Browse... or Choose File.
  7. Navigate to the file you saved in step 4 and double click it, or click once and then click Open.
  8. Click Check It.
  9. Once it generates the report, you can then make appropriate adjustments.

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