Setting up a sequence in TouchPad allows you list your events in a particular order and with certain properties.  Sequences are used for creating meet time line generations and result precessing orders. TouchPad uses a complex set of equations to create the meet time line based on events (for instance stroke and distance).

You can modify the format of heat sheets, the breaks and order of the events in a sequence using this feature.  Breaks taken after an event must be specified in minutes.  This might be for some pre-planned hold in the meet like an award ceremony or a warm up period. 

You may create as many sequences as you might need for your meet.  Remember that sequences will override choices made elsewhere for instance the Heat Sheet screen.

Below you will see two screenshots of how sequence options can effect events.  The first is the sequence with options of P for psych sheet, 20 (min) for Break and the Order has been changed. The second screenshot is the Heat Sheet for the sequence, "Distance Events".

Access Sequences from Events > Sequences:

Resulting Heat Sheet based on sequence options.

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