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Time standards are used to restrict entries for events based on specific time parameters.  When you apply a time standard to an event, TeamUnify will enforce this standard during event entry and restrict only those athletes that fall within the time parameters.  If you set the standard as <= this means times faster than or equal to and > means times slower than.

To set these for each event follow these steps

  1. Sign into TouchPad
  2. Click on the Events tab
  3. Click on the Event Qualifying Times button located on the top right
  4. This will bring up the Time Standards setup screen
  5. Click the Add a New Standard 
  6. This will allow you to enter in these parameters
    • Name of the Standard
    • SCY <=
    • SCY >
    • SCM <=
    • SCM >
    • LCM <=
    • LCM >
  7. Once you have picked the desired parameters you will be able to enter specific times you want associated with the different events

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