When you have a prelim/finals meet, you have the option of classifying results in finals rounds as championship, consolation and bonus; what we call “monikers.” You can print them this way in either Enter Results or Meet Reports. You can only do this for events on the Events screen with ROUNDS Descriptions of 4-8 (prelim/final with 1-5 heats in finals).

Rounds Description on Events

The slowest heat or heats is considered the bonus round, the next fastest the consolation round, and the fastest the championship round. If there are two heats you will only see consolation and championship results, and if only one heat then just championship. If there are four or five heats, the slowest two or three will all be included under the bonus moniker.

Print monikers in Enter Results

  1. Click Enter Results from main screen.
  2. If Timer Settings appears, close it.
  3. Move to any final round of an event.
  4. Click Report Content.
  5. Check Champ., Cons., Bon. Monikers checkbox.
  6. Click Preview Results or Print Results.

Print monikers in Meet Results

  1. Click Meet Results from main screen.
  2. Cut Times must be unchecked.
  3. Check Champ., Cons., Bon. Monikers checkbox.
  4. When you do that, Print Prelims Only (under TYPE) will be disabled (and if selected, the selection will change to Print All Times), and Show results by HEAT (under CONTENT) will be disabled (and unchecked if it was checked).
  5. Enter starting and ending event numbers.
  6. Make any other selections and click Print/Preview.
  7. If Print All Times is selected, the report will also include prelim results as well.
Results with monikers from Enter Results
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