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If you are using a timer and it fails to start, TouchPad will do all the calculations required by FINA, USA Swimming or NCAA rules in order to get the adjusted times for each lane.

What follows assumes that the timer was in fact started (probably manually) after the actual start took place. At the completion of the heat import the times as usual and press F12 while the cursor is on one of the rows in the affected heat.

On the ADJUSTMENTS screen that pops up, click the Failed Heat checkbox.

Failed Heat on ADJUSTMENTS

There are now three columns, W1, W2 and W3, into which you will type the watch (backup) times for each lane. However, before you do this, first select Use P or Use B for all lanes based on which is more accurate, because the Delta values it will calculate are based on those selections. More on this in a moment.

You may type up to three watch times per lane. As you enter the data, the grid is filled in with further calculations. Enter times with NO punctuation, with the last digits being the hundredths of a second. Example: Type 15280 for 1:52.80. Be sure to press Enter on the last time entered in order to force the calculation to include the last time entered.

TouchPad calculates the Official Watch time (average of two buttons, middle time (not necessarily W2) if three are all different, or if two of three are the same then that time), then the Delta time, which is the difference between the Official W time and the Pad time (if you selected Use P for that lane), or the difference between the Official W time and the Official Button time (if you selected Use B or if the Pad time is missing). The average of all the differences is then calculated and this average is added to each of the Pad times (when Use P is selected) or Official B times (when Use B is selected) to create the Adjusted time in each lane.

You may click the Use W box to use the Offical Watch time if the Adjusted time is plain wrong (Delta will change to N/A).

Note if you switch from Use P to Use B or vice versa, it will recalculate the Delta time appropriately.

Finally, click Save to update the Time column with all the times it will use on Enter Results, and the Selected column with FB (failed heat, adjusted button time used) or FP (failed heat, adjusted pad time used).

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