Here are suggestions to use as incentives to drive more revenue for your fundraising event.

Top Dollar Performers/Top Lap Performers

(Both of these areas are based on overall dollar/lap performance. The gender/roster or group/age has no bearing on this selection). 1st – X place

Item Choices - Ipad, Ipod, Kindle, Nintendo DS, Nook, Beats by Dre Solo Headset, Waterproof Camera, Personalized-Parka/swim suit/goggles/swim cap/bagpack, a combination of personalized gear, gift cards to X place $150/$100/$50, Itunes gift cards, free team suits for the year.

Non-Item Choices - One month free dues, one year free membership, lead swim practice for the day, go out to lunch - swimmers choice with the coach, pick a coach to get a pie in the face, pick a coach to do 100 jumping jacks/50 push ups, pick a song for a coach to do a funny dance to, a personal one on one session with the coach for 30-60 minutes.

Top Roster Performers

(All based on the whole roster group getting the prize and not just the individual)

Choices - Pizza or ice cream party, swim caps, choose the workout for another group, bowling party

Top Site Performers

(All based on which site raised the most overall)

Choices - Winning site gets to have the other location do a dance to a song of their choice, pizza party, bowling party, they get to choose a few extra equipment items needed for that location.

Free Form Incentives (Manual Tracking)

First Week Prizes

  • If you get at least 5 donors online you receive X prize
  • Whoever sets up their profile page gets a pin or water bottle or certificate (something small)
  • Whoever sets up a profile page and sent out emails at least once gets X prize
  • Top family combined gets free suits for the year
  • If you set up your profile by entering a picture or sending emails out you get a snow cone at the next meet

Weekly Prizes

  • All who reach X amount will receive one month free dues/team water bottle etc
  • Top individual to raise the most money in the week receives X prize
  • The individual who gets the most donors in the week receives X prize
  • Top male/female for week raises the most money receives X prize

End Of Event Prizes

  • Whoever gets the most donors at the end gets X prize either for the overall individual winner or overall winner based on each roster group.
  • Levels of incentives to receive for anyone either they get all as they move up in overall amount raised or they get just the prize in the range they met the criteria for.
    • 100+ X prize
    • 200+
    • 300+
    • 500+
  • Raffle - Everyone who raises at least $50 gets 1 raffle ticket towards prizes, $75/2 tickets, $150/3 tickets, $25/4 tickets etc then have a list of prizes people can win.
  • For the first 20 people to raise $100 they get X prize
  • Top male/female overall money raised gets X prize
  • Overall fundraiser in each roster group gets X prize
  • If the team as a whole surpasses the goal, the coach will shave his head or film a belly flop into the pool
  • Roster group competitions - kids in their group are just competing against each other and the coach comes up with specific prize just for them based on criteria given; whether it’s the most donations etc.
  • Prize for the individual who sends out the most ‘promote’ emails
  • Prize for the individual who gets the most donors
  • If the coaches participate and their group wins they get movie tickets

Kick Off Event For Fundraiser

  • Plan for this to be a parent meeting.
  • Plan for this to be day of release or sometime the week before.
  • Plan for a weekday after practice get together.
  • Bring laptops to show and help parents understand how to set up their profiles and get emails out to potential donors since that is key to finding success.
  • Have some bullet points of goals for your event and what the overall accomplishment is suppose to be for the team and each family.
  • For parents who come to this event have a raffle at the end for one month free dues to encourage people to come and learn.
  • Send initial promote email

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