In TUMoney, if you are using a Mac and try to import the Mac address book (and possibly the other address books as well) and Java isn't installed it will say it's missing a plug-in and never get any further. Here is how to fix it.
  1. Click Missing Plug-in and it will display a dialog that you need to download the Java plug-in (see screen shot)

  2. Click More Info... and it will take you to the Java website (see screen shot)

  3. Click Agree and Start Free Download, then click Save Download
  4. Once the download finishes, go to Finder and double click the jre-xxxx-macosx-x64.dmg file, then double click the icon on the dialog it opens to install it and follow the instructions
  5. Close your browser and reopen it, then go through the address import process again
  6. It will ask if you want to run the ContactsApplet application (see screen shot)

  7. Click Run
  8. Finally it will say Java wants to access your contacts (see screen shot)

  9. Click OK and it will import your contacts into TUMoney
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