To move a donation in the event fundraising module from the general "Donor TUMoney" account to a specific member,

  1. Go to Event Fundraising Admin.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click TUMoney > Event Fundraising Admin.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Business Tools > Event Fundraising Admin.
  2. Click the Results tab.
  3. Search for a donation if needed, such as using the donor's last name.
  4. Click the donation that is set to the Donor TUMoney account (you can also move donations that have already been applied to a participant).
  5. Click the Assign this Donation to Member link, then click the Select link that appears.
  6. Find a desired member and click Select to their right. If you want to split it among several family members, just pick one from the family for now.
  7. Click Save Changes and those donated monies will be allocated to the selected member. If you only wanted to assign it to that one member, you may skip the rest of these steps.
  8. If you want to split it among several family members, find the same donation that's now assigned to the member you chose and click it.
  9. Click the Split button on the right.
  10. Enter the amount for each family member. For example, if the total donation is $100 and there are two members, you could put $50 for each one, or perhaps $60 for one and $40 for the other. The amounts must add up to the total donation.
  11. Click Split Now! The donation will now show as separate entries as specified.
Note: Moving a donation from one account or member to another does NOT move the corresponding financials in Invoices & Payments. So if you move a donation from the TUMoney general account to a family, the family will not see those transactions in their financial history; it will still appear in the TUMoney account. But not to worry, all TUMoney reports will show the correct data.

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