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Note: Please use the Register Swimmers with USA Swimming steps instead. If those do not work, then try those below.

Follow these instructions to generate an electronic or paper registration package to send to your LSC for USA Swimming registration.

Important: These steps do NOT invoice anyone for the fees nor collect fees from them. A good place to do that is in our online registration system.

Before generating registration package

Your LSC will require all submitted fields to be correct, so use these steps to ensure they are, especially the ones listed below.

  1. Go to USA Swimming Registration.
    1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > USA Swimming Registration tab.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Team Tools > USA Swimming Registration.
  2. Click Customize Columns button in the upper right.
  3. Click US Citizen and any other desired fields to add them to the default columns displayed.
  4. Rearrange the column order on the right, if desired, by dragging and dropping fields.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Data in the Reg Status and Season columns cannot be blank (click either column name to group all blank ones together). Use multi-edit to fill any blank ones.
    1. Click checkbox next to athletes where either field is blank. Those you select should all be the same type, such as all having New Reg Status.
    2. Click Edit > Multi-Edit.
    3. Click Set Registration Status if that is blank, then choose the correct status from the dropdown.
    4. Likewise, click Set Registration Season to set that.
    5. Click Save and it will update all the selected athletes.
  7. Make sure all the following fields are correct:
    1. First, Last name
    2. ID Card; i.e., USA Swimming registration #
    3. Reg. Status
    4. Season
    5. US Citizen
  8. You may find it easier to export the information to Excel to view. If you want to do this,
    1. Select all members (click checkbox to left of Last Name column).
    2. Click Export > Custom Excel Export.
    3. Make any field selection changes and click Create Report.
    4. Open report in Excel or your preferred spreadsheet program.

Generate registration package

Once all athlete information is 100% correct you can export as follows from the same screen. Note: You will need to generate a separate package for any outreach (reduced fee) athletes.

  1. Set any needed filters and select all (click checkbox to left of Last Name column), or select specific athletes to register.
  2. Click Export > Generate Reg Package.
  3. Select the correct registration year and click Generate Reports.
  4. To email an SDIF zipped file to your LSC, click the ZIP link by Step 1. Then email the downloaded file to your LSC.

    Note: YOU must be the one to email the file; SwimOffice only generates the file for you.
  5. To mail a paper version to your LSC, click the PDF link by Step 2. Then print it for mailing to your LSC.
  6. Enter the Registration Fee (per athlete) and LSC Fee, then click Print Cost Table. Then print it and mail to your LSC with the appropriate fees.

If you ever need to download again, click the Archived Reg Files button and click the pdf or zip link by the desired batch.

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