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SwimOffice allows you to use USA Swimming's Member Data Validation Service to verify member information and submit registrations. The first time you attempt either process, you will need to enable this service one time by giving permission to TeamUnify, as a third-party vendor, to exchange club registration data with SWIMS on behalf of your club. You may also deactivate TeamUnify as a vendor (revoke permission) if necessary.

For security purposes, the person performing either procedure must be a valid non-athlete member of USA Swimming and know the club portal password for the club. You will not be able to login for this with an account where you are registered as an athlete with USAS. Make sure that you have a user account on the USA Swimming website and that your account is linked to your USA Swimming membership record.

  1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > USA Swimming Registration tab.
  2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Team Tools > USA Swimming Registration.
  3. Click USA SWIMS Integration > Check Reg Status.
  4. If the Check Registration Status dialog appears, you have already authorized TeamUnify as a vendor. Click Finish to dismiss it and skip to the next process, Compare Member data.
  5. When you have not yet authorized TeamUnify as a vendor, the below dialog will appear.
  6. Click Open USA Swimming Registration Page.
  7. It will open the MDVS Vendor Activation page in a new browser tab.
  8. Follow their instructions to activate TeamUnify as a third-party vendor. (Please note: The 'Club Administrator Password' is case-sensitive. This password will be alpha-numeric with capitalized letters.)
  9. Once you do this, it will list an ACTIVATION CODE. Copy or note this code.
  10. Switch back to your SwimOffice website and paste or enter the Activation Code in the Vendor Code field and click Next.
  11. If the process was successful, you will see the following dialog. Click Finish.
  12. If the Check Registration Status dialog appears, click Finish to dismiss it.
  13. Back on the USA Swimming site, the CURRENT STATUS will change from PENDING to ACTIVE.
  14. You are now ready for the next process; see the first article below.

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