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SwimOffice lets you directly connect with USA Swimming's SWIMS database to verify member information and submit registrations. This article covers the second process.

IMPORTANT: You must Compare Member Information before submitting your registration.

  1. Chameleon users: In the side menu click Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > USA Swimming Registration tab.
  2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Team Tools > USA Swimming Registration.
  3. Set any filters you need with Customize Filters.
  4. Select one, many, or all athletes with the checkboxes whom you want to register.
  5. Click USA SWIMS Integration > Submit Reg Package.
  6. Select your registration year and click Submit to LSC.
  7. If you see a dialog with a Vendor Code field at the bottom, you will need to first to log into your team USAS account and authorize TeamUnify as the vendor for your team (start at step 5 in that article). If the process was successful, click USA SWIMS Integration > Submit Reg Package again.
  8. If any athletes have non-valid data, such as a blank ID or Reg Status of Not Set, you will need to correct them and then make your selections and submit again.
  9. Note: In the following screens, if you have a small screen you may need to scroll down to see Next, Finish, or a similar button. If you click the red X it will abort the process and you will need to start over.
  10. Any athletes with issues will be listed in an Exception Report. You will need to select the appropriate action for every athlete listed before continuing. You may need to scroll down if there are multiple issues, such as already being registered for the selected year.
    1. To change someone's registration status, check the box by their name, set the Reg Status dropdown to what it should be and click Set Reg Status. Their row will turn blue.
    2. For others, select them and either click Exclude from Reg Batch (which will turn their row red) or Ignore and Keep Current Status (which will turn their row green).
  11. Click Continue and Submit.
  12. The system will generate an SDIF file and submit it to USA Swimming. You will either see a success message or error message if there were any problems.
  13. You will still need to send the USAS registration payment to your LSC, along with any transfer paperwork (see next step). You can enter the fees in the above screen to help determine how much to pay. Click Next when finished.
  14. After a successful submission, you will see any transfer members about whom you need to contact your LSC to submit appropriate paperwork. Click Finish.
  15. See the first article below about checking the status of your submitted registration batch.

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