SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster

Create a tab as draft and a date to publish can be done by doing the following:
  1. Team Admin > Website Design
  2. Click on a tab name to edit or add new
  3. In #4 below set to yes
  4. In #4 below set the date/time to publish
  5. Save Changes
  6. Only Super Users, Webmasters, and designated Non-Admins can access this tab until it publishes

  1. Type of Tab/Label - Either a User Defined (meaning you created it or if not user defined it's TeamUnify created and usually contains special modules behind it for instance Meets/Events or News). Enter in the tab name in the label field. Please note the longer the name the further it will push the other labels over on your tab display.
  2. Linking Options - Link the tab to a URL. Select Yes, decide how it will open and add the URL that it will direct to when a user selects that tab.
  3. Tab  Control - You can hide this tab as a draft and on the date specified it will show to the public based on your other parameters set in #7.
  4. Draft/Publish - Create a Tab as draft and on the date specified it will show to the public bawd on your other parameters set in #7.
  5. Non-Admin Account Edit - Select from the dropdown any non admin to have editing control of this tab only.
  6. Add New - Select this button to add submenues under your main tab.  You will have the same options as above.

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