SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster

To move content from a page in your site to another do the following:

  1. Create the page or tab you will be moving content to
    1. Go to Team Admin > Website Design
    2. Click Add New to add a new tab
    3. Select the tab name to edit one that already exists
      1. Select add new submenu if necessary
  2. Go to the page you would like to copy the content from
  3. Click the Edit link
  4. Click Source (see screen shot below)
  5. You will see HTML (this is cleaner to copy then just normal highlight and copy)
  6. Press Ctrl+A (select all), then Ctrl+C (copy) on a PC, command+A, command+C on a Mac
  7. Go to your page to add your clipboard contents
  8. Click Edit to access your editor
  9. Click Source
  10. Press Ctrl+V (paste) on a PC, command+V on a Mac
  11. Click Save Changes
  12. If desired you can go back and delete the original page

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