If you would like to use the new Swim Today (formerly America's Swim Team) widget to collect leads for your team please follow the steps below. Note you must be in the Chameleon template for this to work.

  1. Sign In
  2. Go to Team Admin > Website Design
  3. Click the Website Layout and Configuration button
  4. Scroll down to the Template Controls menu
  5. Change the "Show Swim Today" drop down to Yes which will activate the Swim Today Icon in your side navigation
  6. Make sure you Save Changes!

Once you have this widget activated new potential members can click the icon and fill in the contact form. Once this is submitted an email with there info and message will be sent to any admins listed under the "Setup Member Feedback Recipients" (Important note: If you do not have anyone selected under the "Setup Member Feedback Recipients" the Swim Today widget will not function correctly!). The contact information will also create a unique account in your Account/Member admin. You can see them and email them using the Account Status filter "Contact Request."

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