There are several advantages and benefits to switching to Chameleon.

  • Cleaner, more consistent and professional appearance
  • Choice of color schemes and background
  • Slideshow of team pictures
  • Up to four big command buttons to direct visitors to site areas you want to highlight
  • Built in ability to display links to your Facebook and Twitter sites
  • Ability to rearrange home page elements to your tastes
  • Team logo now appears in the left hand navigation (while not logged in)
  • Overall site width is wider
  • Can have gear store items displayed
  • Ability to use our new TU Money fundraising platform

There is no charge to switch. Try the "Migrate to Chameleon" function to see for yourself how it will look. You can stay with your current template if you decide you like it better; we continue to support all templates.

We also offer the services of a professional graphic designer to help make your site look as sharp and professional as can be. The designer will work with you to flesh out the look you want, including custom fonts, so if you have your own design to use as a starting point, all the better.

Check out some examples of teams that have custom skins:

You can order a custom skin, or email if you have further questions.

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