Creating a link to a PDF is the safest way to give users access to it. Directly embedding the PDF can be problematic since not everyone will have the PDF reader installed in their browser. Nevertheless, below are steps to accomplish this.

  1. On your TeamUnify site go to the page where you want to display the PDF
  2. Click the Edit link
  3. Use the Link button (globe with chain) to upload a PDF
  4. Once you have selected or uploaded the PDF, click OK
  5. Select the URL you created and copy it (Ctrl+C)
  6. Delete the URL you created
  7. In a new browser tab (Ctrl+T) go to
  8. Change the “Type of code to generate” drop down to Standard markup (no JavaScript)
  9. Paste the URL you copied in step 5 into the “URL of the PDF file” field
  10. Change the Height to your desired height in pixels, such as 500
  11. Optional: click Customize PDF Open Options and set your desired options
  12. Click Generate Code
  13. Select the code below “Your custom code” and copy it (Ctrl+C)
  14. Go back to your TeamUnify site in the other browser tab
  15. Click the Source button
  16. Put the cursor where you want the PDF to appear and paste the code you copied in step 13 (Ctrl+V)
  17. Click Save Changes

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