SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster

If you would like to link a tab or sub menu to another page or site please follow the steps below. This is especially handy if you want to make a system defined tab, such as News, to behave as though it is a sub tab.

  1. Go to the web page to which you want to redirect and copy the URL from your browser's address field.
  2. In the side menu in SwimOffice click Team Admin > Website Design.
  3. To redirect from an existing tab, click the tab name in the "Tab Label" column.
  4. To redirect from an existing sub tab, first click the tab name under which it exists, then click the sub-tab name under the "(x) Sub-Menus Under this Tab" section.
  5. Click the Link This Tab? drop down and select YES
  6. Leave the default Same Window radio button selected unless you are linking to an outside site, in which case you may want to choose the New Window radio button.
  7. Paste or type in the URL field the address to which you wish to redirect.
    1. If you want to link to another page on your TU site, leave the radio button set to Same Window and enter the URL of the TU page to which you want the menu option to link. For example:
    2. Important: If you set the "Access Control" to Only Logged-in Accounts or higher, make sure the domain is set to "https://www.teamunify.com/" (with https and not http) and NOT your team branded domain or else it will log you out when you go to that page.
    3. You may leave off the "http:" or "https:" and simply start with "//" to make it work regardless of being logged in or not, as in:

    4. If you want to link to an outside web page you may optionally select the New Window radio button, then enter the URL of the page to which you want the menu option to link. Make sure to enter the entire URL, such as
  8. Click Save Changes

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