TeamUnify recommends against adding a hit counter (AKA page counter, visit counter or web counter) to your SwimOffice site. These were popular back in the 1990s but are no longer used by credible sites. The reasons are many, but a few of them are:

  • They increase page loading time.
  • Many of the free ones link to questionable or shady sites, which increases the likelihood of your site being demoted or blacklisted in search engine rankings.
  • Some sites artificially inflate the numbers to look more popular than they are (so people don't believe the numbers anymore), while those with low amounts of traffic and "honest" hit counters are viewed by visitors as low quality.

Instead, install a tool such as Google Analytics (see the below article). It's free, has much more usable info, and has lots of tools such as the ability to track keyword searches.

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