SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster and above

Follow these steps to embed an interactive Google map on your site.

In Google Maps

  1. Navigate to google.com/maps.
  2. Search for your destination address.
  3. Click SHARE.
  4. Click Embed map.

    Google Maps

  5. Click the Embed Map tab.
  6. Select a different size if desired. Medium is a good map size for our software.
  7. Click in the field with the iframe code to select and copy (Ctrl+C in Windows, Command+C in Mac).

In SwimOffice

  1. Sign in to your site if needed and navigate to the page where you want to place your map.
  2. Click Edit in the upper right.
  3. Click the Source button.
  4. Paste the code you copied in step 7 (Ctrl+V in Windows, Command+V in Mac).

    Content editor in Source mode

  5. Click Save Changes.

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