SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster

SwimOffice gives you the ability to display your team's logo in the side menu of your website and/or at the top of emails you send from SwimOffice. To do this you will need to have your logo sized to 230 pixels wide (height can vary) in jpg or gif format.

  1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Website Design.
  2. Click Website Layout Configuration.
  3. To show your logo on both your website and emails you send, select Show Team Logo under Team Logo.

    Upload team logo

  4. To only show your logo on emails you send, select Only Show Team Logo on Emails. This is useful for teams with a custom skin, since their logo is usually at the top of the site already.
  5. Click Browse or Choose File.
  6. Navigate to your .jpg or .gif logo and double click it. It needs to be sized to 230 pixels wide. We recommend 180 pixels high but it can vary in height.
  7. If you selected Show Team Logo (#3 above), by default it will only appear to logged out users in the side menu. If you want it to display while logged in as well, scroll down to Template Controls and set "Show Logo For Logged In Users" to Yes.

    Show logo setting

  8. Scroll to the bottom or top and click Save Changes.

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