SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster/Event Admin

  1. In the side navigation click Team Admin > Website Design
  2. Click Website Layout Configuration 
  3. Scroll down to "Home Page Section Controls" section
  4. Click the Show Main Photo/Text/Commands drop down and choose one of the “Yes” options as to where you want the buttons placed

  5. Scroll down to "Command Button Controls" section and click Command Buttons tab
  6. Start selecting which tabs to connect. You can use either TeamUnify tabs (calendar, events, online registration, etc) or user defined tabs or other URLs.

  7. Enter the button Label
  8. If it's a tab on your TU site, set "Open in" to Current Win/Tab. If it's an external site or a link to a PDF document, select either A New Win/Tab or A Popup Win.
  9. Click Icon Edit to choose an icon for the button. Select from one of our stock icon images or select Upload my own icon and Browse for a 40x40 pixel icon in the .gif format.
  10. User Defined Tabs will require the URL of wherever you are navigating to. If it's a SwimOffice tab, go to that tab and copy the URL in the address bar and paste. Make sure it is the entire URL starting with https://
  11. Click Save Changes

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