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A credit memo functions as an invoice with a negative amount and is used when an invoice has already been mailed to a customer and you need to apply a credit to their invoice. For instance they decide to not swim so they need their dues credited off their account.

A credit refund is when a team refunds actual monies to the account through their payables system. 

  1. You will go to Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments > Search for the account > Select the View
  2. Select 'New Refund Credit Balance' at the top.  REMEMBER this is used when you the account has paid for an item and you are refunding this actual dollar amount via your payables system.
  3. This will be a Negative Dollar Amount
  4. You then have to create a Credit Memo to balance. So in this scenario:
    - Account is charged $50 for Dues (invoice)
    - Account Pays $50 for Dues (payment
    - Athlete decides to leave the team and doesn't swim for that month that dues has been paid
    - Admin REFUNDS their $50 in actual monies using the 'New Refund Credit Balance'
    - Admin creates a Credit Memo to negate the Dues Invoice. So you have a positive invoice/credit memo or $50 - $50 = 0 AND you have a Payment $50 and a Refund of that payment of $50. Chart of accounts will now equal $0 and financials equals $0

NOTE: You can issue a refund within 180-days of the transaction.
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