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Note: These instructions are for an old version. Please see Invoice and charge meet fees instead.

First, make sure you have saved your meet fee file from your event (Edit Commitment > Committed Athletes > Generate Entry Files > click link in step #3 to download the .xls).


  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments.
  2. Click Import Meet Entry Fees.
    Import Meet Entry Fees button
  3. Click Browse or Choose File under Step 3 and double click the Excel file you saved from the event.
    Step 3 - Select meet fee file
  4. Under Step 4, enter the Meet Name.
    Enter Meet & Entry Fee information
  5. Click [Select] to the right of Chart of Account, then in the popup window click Select to the right of the desired Chart of Account.
  6. If you want to use the charges included with the meet file,
    1. Under Option 1, click [Select] to the right of Connect to this Meet.
      Option 1 for meet fees
    2. Enter a Meet Name or pick a date range, then click Search.
      Meet Select
    3. Click Select to the right of the desired meet.
  7. If you want to enter your own fees,
    1. Select Option 2.
      Option 2 for meet fees
    2. Enter the Individual Event Fee and Relay Event Fee per athlete.
  8. Enter the per athlete Surcharge. This is NOT automatically pulled in from the event file; you must enter it manually.
  9. Click Import Now! and then OK. This will not invoice yet, but give you a summary of what will be invoiced.
  10. Review all fees to make sure they are correct, because once you generate invoices it is difficult to undo them.
  11. Once you are confident all fees are correct, click Ignore Errors & Create Invoice Items Now!
    Confirm Import Results
  12. Run the Billing Simulation Report if you want to view the resulting charges.

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