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Check out these short articles on YouTube upload instructions and settings.

After you have uploaded your video and wish to embed it on your TeamUnify site, first copy the Embed code.

  1. Click Share
  2. Click Embed
  3. Change any desired options, such as size
  4. Copy the highlighted code in the box (Ctrl+C)

Once you’ve copied the code, just paste it into your website to embed it.

  1. Go to your TeamUnify site and Sign In
  2. Find the tab you wish to have the video appear on and click the Edit link
  3. Click the Source button
  4. Paste in the Embed Code you copied from YouTube (Ctrl+V)
  5. Click Save Changes and the video should appear on the page

Also, please note that if you don’t want one of your videos to be embedded on other websites, you can disable that feature by following the steps below:

  1. Within your account, click the My Uploaded Videos link (http://youtube.com/my_videos)
  2. Click the Edit Video Info button to the right of the video in question
  3. Under “Sharing Options,” click the button next to “No, external sites may NOT embed and play this video”

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