SwimOffice Admin - Webmaster

When you copy and paste PLEASE use the clipboard functions in the editor. If you do a pure copy and paste using the ctrl+v (or cmd+v on Mac) it can bring in a lot of bad HTML and will cause issues usually in Internet Explorer.

We always recommend using the clipboard when copying content from any other source especially MS Word. To add desired style features such as Fonts, Size, Color, Tables, etc utilize the capabilities of the editor to manipulate your text. This procedure will help avoid display problems in the future.

Another recommendation is to create a test page on your site with “SuperUser/Webmaster” access only. That way you can style and “tweak” content until it is satisfactory. Once the desired outcome is reached on the Test page you can copy and paste to the desired location. For this copy/paste maneuver I would suggest a slightly different procedure. 

  1. Go to your test page 
  2. Click the Edit button 
  3. Click the Source button 
  4. Right Click in the text editor
  5. Select "Select All" from the menu 
  6. Copy the text
  7.  Go to desired location and click Edit
  8. Source
  9. Right Click and Select All (to overwrite existing content)
  10. Paste
  11. Save Changes