If you would like to add a forum to your site, here is one service that provides free forums. (Note: Using this service will entail having ads be displayed on the forum page.)

  1. Go to this URL: http://www.forumotion.net/
  2. Click Create a free forum
  3. Choose your desired forum software (PunBB is good if you want something special) and desired theme, then click Continue
  4. Fill in the appropriate fields and write down the URL that you choose
  5. Click the Sign Up button
  6. Once the forum is developed, copy and paste the code below but replace the xxxxxxx with your forum URL address (in the example screen shot below you would replace tutraining with your own forum URL)
    <p><iframe border="0" height="600" src="http://xxxxxxxx.forumotion.com" width="712"></iframe></p>
  7. Click Save Changes

Once this is done it will embed your forum into your TU site.

Feel free to modify the width and height numbers as appropriate for your site. For example, setting the width to 712 for the Chameleon template will fill the page width better.

All posts will require a login that is created at forumotion.net to ensure the admin can stop abuse.

Note that TeamUnify cannot provide support for your forum. You can obtain support here: http://help.forumotion.com/

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