Why does my page I just edited appear blank?

If you just edited a page in TeamUnify and after saving it appears blank please follow these steps.
(sometimes it will appear normal in Firefox but it will be blank in Internet Explorer)

  1. First – did you copy and paste this from another source? If yes please continue if no and you typed directly into the editor please contact support@teamunify.com
  2. Select Edit on the page that isn’t viewable.
  3. Select all of your text and copy
  4. Select the source button in the upper left
  5. Highlight everything and select Delete
  6. Select Source again to return your editor back to text base
  7. Use the clipboard labeled with a T (paste as plain text) and copy your text back into it and select Ok
  8. Save Changes

This happens because Word can have some strange HTML in the background that comes with the copy and paste. To ensure this doesn’t happen in the future please use the clipboard labeled with a W (paste from Word) and put a check mark next to Ignore Font Face definitions. This will remove the bad code.