To upload a file using TeamUnify’s template driven platform

TeamUnify offers two distinct methods of uploading documents to your team website. Documents can be any digital file including PDF’s, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or graphic files. There are four places on the TeamUnify site that you can upload documents too; they are Documents/images(on the left hand side), Documents tab, Other Documents tab, and the CK editor.

Adding Documents to [User Defined] Web Pages:
You can also use the editor to link a page.

  1. Go to the page
  2. Click Edit
  3. Type the word or phrase you would like to link the document to, such as Download Swimmer Schedule and highlight the word or phrase you just typed
  4. Click Link button (looks like chain link)
  5. Click Browse Server
  6. Select the folder you would like to drop your doc/image into
  7. Click Upload
  8. Browse to the doc/image (make sure the file name does not contain punctuation except the file extension such as .pdf)
  9. Double click to bring it into your site
  10. Click Upload Selected File
  11. It will be highlighted within your view – double click it to select it and return to your link dialogue box
  12. It is now attached to your highlighted word
  13. Click OK
  14. Click Save Changes

To add a document to either the Documents or Other Documents tab follow these steps. (If you don’t see these tabs go to website design and ensure they are not hidden)

  1. Sign In
  2. Click on Documents or Other Documents in the top tab
  3. Click on second Edit button located on the left hand side
  4. Click on the Add New button
  5. Click on the first Browse button in the listing and locate the file you want to upload into the TeamUnify system
  6. When the upload is complete you will return to the Documents/Images listing page and will see the file you uploaded in the list

If you wish to link the doc follow these instructions:

  1. Now select the entire link in the Full URL (click to view) column and COPY (Ctrl+C on your keyboard)
  2. What you copy will look like this: /xxxxx/doc/
  3. Go to the page where you want to place the file and click on the edit mode to open up the text editor
  4. Type in editor the text that you want to link the document. For example; “click here” (you don’t need the quotes)
  5. Once the text is typed, highlight the text region
  6. Now click on the Globe and Chain Link icon in the upper right of the editor window
    • This will open a pop-up dialog box
  7. Now PASTE (CTRL V on your keyboard) the link you have copied from the Documents/Images and you will see it appear in the field
  8. Click the OK button
    • The dialog box disappears
  9. You will then click the SAVE CHANGES button in the lower right of the page

You’re finished. Now you can click on the link and the document will open.

In certain browsers, when you click the icons in the text editor, you will get a warning that the pop-up is not allowed. Should this occur, the warning will appear at the top of the main browser window as a long strip. Right click on the this strip and select temporarily allow pop-ups. Then go back to the text editor and click the globe with the chain link again and the pop-up will appear.