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First you may want to create a Chart of Accounts (CoA) called Balance Forward and apply charges or credits to that. Do the same thing in QuickBooks (QB) if you use that. To do this in SwimOffice,

  1. Go to Billing Admin > Billing Setup > CoA Setup
  2. Click Add New
  3. Name it Balance Foward
  4. Set the Charge Type to Normal Charge/Discount
  5. Click Save Changes

The alternative is to bring in multiple invoice items and apply them to the corresponding CoA (meet fees, dues, etc.).

Next you'll want to input your balance forwards into TU for each family. If a family owes you money then create a New Invoice Item; if they have a Credit Balance create a New Credit. To create an invoice or credit,

  1. Go to Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments
  2. Click Display ALL
  3. Place a check mark to the left of one or many accounts
  4. Click the New Inv Item button (or New Credit if you owe them money)
  5. Fill in the information, selecting the appropriate CoA such as "Balance Forward" if you created that in the above steps
  6. Click Save Changes or Save Credit

If you are using QB you'll want to zero out the Account Balance for each one of your families. For example, a family that owes the team $100 create a Credit in QB for $100 to the Balance Forward CoA bringing their account Balance to $0. Ultimately the Balance Forward CoA will have a credit balance in QB and a positive balance in TU which (if everything was entered properly) should be exactly the same and should cancel each other out.

If you have been accepting Credit Card payments through QB you'll want to manage those credits to your accounts and make sure each one of your families balance is what it should be before doing your balance forwards. Then moving forward with our Credit Card service these payments will be posted automatically to your families accounts and ultimately to the proper income account.

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