Team Events are generally those where you want people to sign up, whether to get a simple headcount or to choose specific days/sessions or events in a swim meet. Note: If you want to run your meet in TouchPad, you must create the meet there, rather than adding a Team Event. See the next lesson, TouchPad Meets.

Add a Team Event

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page.
  2. You can add new Team Event two different ways.
    1. Click New Calendar Item > Team Event.
    2. In the list of calendars on the left, click the  by Team Events.
  3. Fill all fields. Those with a red asterisk are required.
  4. Clicking a blue header's name will collapse/expand it.
    1. Location will fill in automatically when attaching an ev3 file.
    2. If you leave the Time fields blank, it will default to an all-day event.
    3. You may choose multiple Team Event Categories. Click to add/edit/delete categories.
    4. If you do not select a Home Page Tab selection, it will default to Swim Meet.
    5. Checking This Event Visible Only to Webmaster and Above will make it a hidden event. This is handy if you want to work on an event but are not ready to show it to the public, or you only want admins to see it.
    6. If you do not select either This Event Is Private (MUST Log in to View) or This Event is Public, it will default to the latter.
  6. TEAM EVENT SIGNUP / REGISTER—This section is key to determine how you want people to sign up.
    1. Send Declaration Confirmation Emails—This only applies to Yes/No events and Meet Manager/Meet Events File events. When this box is checked, once an athlete declares, SwimOffice will email a confirmation to the Account.
    2. DO NOT Allow Team Member to Signup / Register for This Event—Add a purely informational event to the calendar for which people cannot sign up. We recommend adding a General Event instead, as the process is simpler. One of the only reasons you might use this option instead is if you need people to work jobs at this event.
    3. Allow Online Registration; Connect to eReg System—The same thing as selecting New Calendar Item > Registration. See our Registration Events lesson.
    4. Allow Online Registration; Response with Yes / No—Perfect for events where you need a simple headcount, such as a field trip. Note: Use the next option instead if it's a swim meet and you want athletes to be able to select days/sessions but not events.
    5. Allow Online Registration; Meet Manager / Meet Events File to Allow Online Meet Entry—Arguably the most common option used.
      1. Next, click the + .ev3/.zip button that appears.
      2. Find the meet events file from Meet Manager (either has an .ev3 or .zip extension) and double click it, or click it and then click Open.
      3. Once you create the event and edit it again (we recommend doing this right away), you will see additional fields (see Edit Team Event section below).
    1. If you want people to sign up for jobs at this event, select a Job Signup Deadline date, after which people can no longer sign up or remove sign-ups. Selecting a date will cause a Job Signup button to appear in the event on the calendar. You will then need to set up jobs for the event. We recommend using OnDeck for this.
      The deadline for users to sign up AND remove sign-ups is the same. Some teams want a one-way signup, where people can sign up but not unsign up. Since that would not stop volunteers from failing to show, we let them remove their signups until the deadline so you truly know where you stand.
    2. If you want to limit how many jobs an account can sign up for, enter that number in the Per Account Signup Limit field, otherwise leave it blank.
  8. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS—Use these to improve your team's cash flow. When someone does not meet one of the requirements you set, they will not be able to declare their athletes for this meet. You can set these a certain way by defaultin Team Profile. Note with the first two checkboxes, you can only select one or the other.
    1. Restrict Declaration to Accounts with $0.00 Outstanding Balance—This does not include fees added to the account after this month's invoice is generated. Rarely used since it is so strict.
    2. Restrict Declaration to Accounts with a Balance That Is No Older Than—We recommend setting this to no more than 60 days.
    3. Restrict Declaration to Accounts with Credit Card on File and Restrict Declaration to Accounts with ACH on File—We recommend checking both of these to get away from all the problems associated with taking payments by check.
    1. Title Picture—When you add a photo, it will show in the calendar in both the List view and when you hover over the event in the Day/Week/Month views. You may drag and drop a photo directly onto this area, or use the + Change button.
    2. Content editor—Put all event details here for people to view when they click More + for the event or tap the meet in OnDeck.
  10. IMPORTANT NOTES—Add notes you want athletes to see when they sign up. These will appear on the Athlete Event Signup page.
  11. FORMS / DOCUMENTS—The perfect place for waivers, meet flyers, etc. You may drag and drop files directly on this area, or use the + Files button.
  12. PHOTOS—Any additional photos you want to include.
    1. Also, Restrict Declaration to ONLY the groups defined below—You will generally check this box when selecting various Billing or Roster groups below so that only those groups can sign up. The only reason you wouldn't is if you want to allow exceptions to sign up for the meet, such as a talented swimmer in a younger age group.
    2. Email ONLY to these Billing Groups and Email ONLY to the Following Roster Groups at the Following Locations—After selecting one of these, select the groups/locations to which you want to restrict entry and/or email.
    3. Your name and email you are logged in with will automatically appear in those fields as the "From" address that gets emailed to everyone or those groups you selected. You may change them if desired.
    4. Check Automatically Email This Team Event Notification to All the Active Members 7 Days Before the Registration Deadline? if you want this to happen.
  14. Click Create.

Edit a Team Event

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page.
  2. Click the event's Edit button.
  3. If you created an event with an events file, that is, using the 4th Allow Online Registration; Meet Manager / Meet Events File to Allow Online Meet Entry radio button, you will see many additional fields listed under the headers below.
    1. Course Order—This is set by the meet host. See what course order meansfor more info. If you are seeing NTs for everyone's entry times, sometimes a meet host will accidentally set the Course Order to LO (use LCM times ONLY), for example, instead of L (convert all best times to LCM). When this is the case, check if this was their intention, and change it to L if not.
    2. Use Date Since—How old of meet results to use for entry times. If you are seeing NTs for everyone's entry times, check if this is set incorrectly, such as the date of the meet, instead of the start of the season or earlier.
    3. Meet Type—If you need to limit entry times to those from sanctioned meets of one kind or another, click in this field to select from existing types (you can select more than one), or click to add/edit/delete Meet Types. When you select one or more types, Restrict entry [Best Time] to same [Meet Type] automatically gets checked, and unchecked when all types are removed. Note: You will need to set meet types for existing results in your system before this will work.
    4. Allow Swimmers to Commit by—This defaults to Commit by Event, where athletes can select which events they want to swim. Note that coaches must still approve the events they select. Select Commit by Session if you only want them to be able to choose which days/sessions they will swim instead.
    5. Enforce [Qualifying Times]—If there are qualifying times in the events file, athletes will not be able to enter events for which they do not qualify when this is checked. When unchecked, their unqualified times will still show in red, but they will be able to enter those events anyway.
    6. If Swimmer Qualifies for Non-conforming Course, Default [Entry Time] to the Minimum [Qualify Time]—Only check this if there are qualifying times and the Course Order is set to a multi-cut meet, such as LSY. Suppose the minimum qualifying LCM time is 32.08. When checked, if the swimmer has a qualifying SCY time but not a qualifying LCM time, rather than use their best SCY time, SwimOffice will enter their seed time as 32.08.
  5. TEAM EVENT SIGNUP / REGISTER—If the host provided an updated ev3 file, you may click the + .ev3/.zip button to load the new one. BUT, a huge WARNING if you do this: IT WILL ERASE ALL EXISTING EVENT COMMITMENTS. That is, all meet commitments will be preserved, but any event selections will be lost. So BEFORE you update the ev3 file, you will need to generate an entry report so that you know all the existing commitments, then update the ev3 file, then use QuickEntries to re-enter the athletes in their previously selected events. See update ev3 events file for a complete set of steps.
  6. EVENT ENTRY FEES—These are pulled straight from the events file. By default, they are used when generating meet fees for your team.
  7. MAX ENTRIES FOR THIS MEET PER SWIMMER and MAX ENTRIES FOR SESSION PER SWIMMER—These are pulled straight from the events file, but the host may not have set them.
  8. Click Save when finished editing.

Clone a Team Event

If you have an event that you want to reuse where only a few details are different, you can clone it. Note that only the event details get copied over; otherwise, it is a brand new event. Any jobs, attachments, photos, event files, and athlete commitments will need to be added.

  1. Edit the desired event.
  2. Change the details to reflect the new event, such as the dates. Do NOT add any new ev3 files, photos or documents at this point. We strongly recommend changing the Title so you can tell the cloned meet from the original.
  3. Click Save & Clone.
  4. Edit the newly cloned event to add any elements you want, such as an ev3 file, documents, etc.
  5. If there are Job Signups for this event, you will need to add the needed jobs. Feel free to clone jobs from a prior event, such as the one you cloned.

Job Signups

Click an event's Job Signups button to access and manage them.

This will take you to the Event Job Signup page; see our Job/Service Hours Admin knowledge base articles to go from there.

Edit Commitments / Manage Athlete Signups

Access and manage swimmer commitments by clicking the Edit Commitment button by an event.

This will take you to the Event Signup page; see our Meet Entries knowledge base articles to go from there.

If you use our TouchPad meet management software, next learn about TouchPad Meets in the calendar. Otherwise, let's move on to General Events.