General Events are mainly used to list team practices or workouts. For those of you who are SwimOffice Pro customers, you will want to use the New Practice feature instead to create your practices in Coaching Tools.

Add/Edit an Event

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page.
  2. You can add a General Event three different ways.
    1. Click New Calendar ItemGeneral.
    2. In the list of calendars on the left, click  byGeneral.
    3. In List view, click  on the right side of a day header.
  3. You can edit a General Event by clicking its Edit button.
  4. Fill in the various fields. Those marked with a red asterisk are required.
    1. Calendar Item Title—This is what people will see in the calendar. Keep it as short as possible since it will get abbreviated in Week and Month views.
    2. Start Date/Time, End Date/Time—Defaults to a starting time of now, and an ending time of an hour from now.
    3. Deadline Date—Enter if applicable. This is FYI; it does not enforce anything since there is no sign-up mechanism. Use a Team Event or Registration Event instead if you need it enforced.
    4. All Day—Check if this event lasts all day and then you won't need to enter the Start Time and End Time.
    5. Repeat checkbox—Checking this opens a dialog to set how often you want to repeat this event; perfect for practices. Fill in the data (enter Exclude Dates for things like holidays) and click Done.
    6. Description—You have a full content editor to add as detailed of an event description as you like.
    7. Map—The location of your event. Once you have entered an address, you can click the red location icon to view the address on a map.
    8. Roster—If this event only applies to one or more Roster Groups, type the name or click the field to choose which ones. Leave it blank if it applies to all. Anyone can filter by Rosters on the calendar.
      1. Note it is possible to have calendar-only Roster Groups, where no members can be added to them. Perhaps you want to add a "South Pool" Roster Group to show open swim times.
    9. Location—Leave blank if it applies to all locations, or select which location(s) the event applies to. Like Rosters, anyone can filter by Locations on the calendar.
    10. Attachments—Either drag any attachments inside the dotted rectangle or click + Add Files and select the files to attach. These will be downloadable by those viewing the event.
  5. Click Save when finished.

Filter Events on Calendar

When viewing General Events on the calendar, you can use filters to only see the events you want. By default, events for all Roster Groups and Locations are displayed.

  1. On the Calendars list on the left, click General to open the filters list.
  2. Click the All Roster Groups dropdown, then click the group you only want to see.
    1. You may click it again to select multiple groups.
    2. Unspecified represents those where no Roster Group was selected for the event. These were called "General Calendar" events on the old calendar.
    3. When you have selected one or more groups, click All Roster Groups to clear all the filters.
  3. In the same way, click Locations to select only the Locations you want.

Now it's time to learn about practices on the calendar.