A registration event is designed to schedule an event for which people must register and optionally pay a fee, such as a team banquet or stroke clinic. Like Team Events, you can also make Job Signups available for help with the event.

Some teams also use it when they need multiple member registrations active. When this is the case, you will use a little bit different approach with certain fields as noted below.

Event Setup

  1. Navigate to the Calendar page.
  2. You can add an Event Registration in two different ways.
    1. Click New Calendar Item > Registration. (This is a shortcut for New Calendar Item > Team Event, then selecting the Allow Online Registration; Connect to eReg System radio button.)
    2. In the list of calendars on the left, click by Registration.
  3. Fill in the various fields. Those marked with a red asterisk are required.
  4. Clicking a blue header's name will collapse/expand it.
    1. Enter a Title. This is the name of the event for which people are registering.
    2. If you leave the Time fields blank, it will default to an all-day event. If this is a Member Registration, people are registering for your team and not an event, so we suggest making the event itself one day long that starts either on the first day of your season or the first day of registration if your "season" is year round.
    3. You may choose multiple Team Event Categories. Click  to add/edit/delete categories.
    4. Set the Registration Deadline to be the same as the last day of the registration period.
    5. Click Home Page Tab dropdown and select Team Function.
    6. Checking This Event Visible Only to Webmaster and Above will make it a hidden event. This is handy if you want to work on an event but are not ready to show it to the public, or you only want admins to see it.
      Check this box if it is for a member registration; that way only the registration will show in the calendar and not the event since people are not registering for an event.
    7. If you do not select either This Event Is Private (MUST Log in to View) or This Event is Public, it will default to the latter.
  6. TEAM EVENT SIGNUP / REGISTER—Leave this as Allow Online Registration; Connect to eReg System.
    1. If you want people to sign up for jobs at this event, select a Job Signup Deadline date, after which people can no longer sign up or remove sign-ups. Selecting a date will cause a Job Signup button to appear in the event on the calendar. You will then need to set up jobs for the event. We recommend using OnDeck for this.
    2. If you want to limit how many jobs an account can sign up for, enter that number in the Per Account Signup Limit field, otherwise leave it blank.
  8. FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS—Not applicable to event registrations.
    1. Title Picture—When you add a photo, it will show in the calendar in both the List view and when you hover over the event in the Day/Week/Month views. You may drag and drop a photo directly onto this area, or use the + Change button.
    2. Content editor—Put all event details here for people to view when they click More + for the event or tap the event in OnDeck.
  10. IMPORTANT NOTES—Not applicable to event registrations.
  11. FORMS / DOCUMENTS—The perfect place for waivers, meet flyers, etc. You may drag and drop files directly on this area, or use the + Files button.
  12. PHOTOS—Any additional photos you want to include.
    1. Also, Restrict Declaration to ONLY the groups defined below—Not applicable to event registrations.
    2. Email ONLY to these Billing Groups and Email ONLY to the Following Roster Groups at the Following Locations—After selecting one of these, select the groups/locations to which you want to email.
    3. Your name and email you are logged in with will automatically appear in those fields as the "From" address that gets emailed to everyone or those groups you selected. You may change them if desired.
    4. Check Automatically Email This Team Event Notification to All the Active Members 7 Days Before the Registration Deadline? if you want this to happen.
  14. Click Create.
  15. A dialog will appear, asking "Proceed to set up the registration for this new event?" Click YES to proceed to the next section, or NO if you want to do that later.

Registration Setup

After setting up the event, the next step is to set up the registration connected with the event. As noted in the last step above, you can click YES after creating the event to immediately create the Registration Setup. You can also do this later or modify the registration by clicking Edit on the Event, then clicking eReg Setup in the TEAM EVENT SIGNUP / REGISTER section. Either action will open a new window where you can create or modify the registration.

  1. From here, the process is identical to setting up a member registration. Please follow the steps in Registration - Basic Setup.
  2. As soon as you click Save Changes, in the Basic Setup it will automatically take you to the Fees Setup tab. Please read Registration - Fees Setup to complete it.
  3. Once you finish, the window will close. Refresh the page to see your registration on the calendar if you don't see it already.

Register for the Event

A Registration Event will show up on the calendar in orange with two components.

  1. The Registration period will appear as all-day events for each day the registration is open.
  2. The Event itself will appear on the day(s) it actually happens.

One can register by clicking the event's Register Online button in either component.

  1. Navigate to the calendar.
  2. Click the event's Register Online button.
  3. This will take one to the Registration title page where one can register in the usual way.

Manage Registration

As people register for the event or team, you can manage the registrations to see who has registered, process payments, etc.

  1. Navigate to the calendar.
  2. Click the event's Edit button.
  3. Click eReg Manage in the TEAM EVENT SIGNUP / REGISTER section.
  4. Alternatively, you can also access this as follows.
    1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Registration Admin.
    2. Click Event Reg Admin tab.
    3. Click Manage by the desired Registration.
  5. This will open a window where you can view and manage all registrations for this event. From here the process is similar to managing member registrations; please read those instructions if you aren't familiar with the process.
  6. The main difference is that you typically will NOT approve and assign members if this is for an event and not a member registration; you are simply capturing registration data and collecting money. See Sell tickets using an event registration for more info.

 Finally, let's learn about fundraising events.